A rock concert in virtual reality

Do you like classic rock or 90s music?

With Master Show VR you can customize a stage and listen to any MP3 song, the experience takes the user to a concert with a waiting audience and full control of the stage, from overhead lights, to lasers, smoke, LEDs, holograms, cameras and screens.

Master Show VR experience

Master Show has 36 characters to customize the stage:

VR experience

The stage can have up to 7 singers, from a guitarist to a K-pop group.

With a pair of drum sticks it’s easy to control the beats, the lights and effects are activated by drums, it’s very different from rhythm games, the user doesn’t have the pressure to destroy arrow patterns, just control the lights at their own taste.

You can see the launch trailer:

Simulating classic Rock music: Sting «Every breath you take»

If you are looking for a different experience with your favorite music, Master Show VR

It will be a great choice for your free time.

Add it to your Steam Wishlist : Master Show